Is IT Outsourcing Green?

Before we address the question in view, what is Green IT to begin with?  Is it just saving power or using power more efficiently?  Wikipedia defines Green IT as using computing resources more efficiently.  On the surface a company that outsources may reduce usage of computing resources in their premises.  However, outsourcing transfers the “computing needs” from one organizational entity to the other.  Therefore this appears to be a zero sum gain as far as the environment is concerned.  

I favor the argument that outsourcing is green.  The simple reason is that outsourcers leverage computing resources and the utility infrastructure across many clients.  Besides, many offer computing capacity from hardware that is designed to consume low power.  If outsourcing is green and companies can actually save money, why are a majority of SMBs (Small to Mid-Sized Businesses) not subscribing to the outsourced model? 

The reason is the perceived risk of outsourcing.  What is needed a good supply of outsourcing consultants who have success in bringing highly credentialed outsourcers with expertise in Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) to help SMBs outsource their data center.  Hosted e-mail solutions have emerged as the low-hanging fruit driving SMBs to outsourcing.


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