Off-Shoring on the rise for Small to Mid-Sized Enterprises (SMBs)

A survey of more than 200 IT organizations found that among small and midsize organizations that outsource at least part of one IT function, the percentage using offshore service providers rose from 14% in 2008 to 24% this year.  Ref:

There are many reasons for this:
1. SMBs are seeking to reduce costs.
2. There is a better supply chain of off-shore service providers who cater to SMBs.
3. Traditional offshore providers are doing a better job selling to SMBs.
4. Web-based provider networks are gaining momentum.
5. The recession led to a pent-up demand for IT services.

Web-based brokerage solutions will readily facilitate off-shoring for SMBs. These solutions are built on a solid pre-credentialed Service Provider network to ensure that lower cost is not negated by poor quality.  These web-based solutions benefit both the SMB as well as the Service Provider.  SMBs benefit from low administrative costs and accelerated contracting.  They also benefit from selecting a vendor from a pre-credentialed network.  Service Providers get inexpensive access to the SMB market.


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