Forgetting small projects?

IT tends to focus on infrastructure and applications that are strategic and mission critical to the enterprise.  Small projects that may be of potential value to business can get lost in the prioritization shuffle. 

There are challenges faced in procuring and managing small projects.  Most Fortune 2000 firms have good governance around procurement, but these processes are ideal for large projects.   The term “small project”s is relative, but for most Fortune 2000 firms, projects under $250,000 can be deemed to be small.  To a large extent, existing procurement practices are quite onerous for a sourcing a small project.  IT management is also challenged and seldom do these projects make it to the CIO’s radar. 

To alleviate these difficulties, it is critical to develop special governance around small project sourcing.  Measures should include developing a short list of providers who are specifically suited for small project sourcing.  Fortunately, the web has led to a whole new generation of providers who have the expertise, the proper methodology in developing and delivering small projects.  Many of them aggregate as a network of providers to give the benefit of one-stop procurement and total visibility into the complete life cycle of the project from sourcing to delivery.


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