Nothing in Life is Free

Recent announcements by Hulu and the NY Times, that their content will no longer be served up gratis to consumers, and that “new business revenue models will be ‘tested'” ( strengthens the notion that online business is still searching for the “holy grail” of revenue models, using the braille system.
Easy for large partnership enterprises like Hulu and NY Times to experiment, as they have the luxury of tweaking different business-revenue models until one eventually works.

But what about the SMB market that can’t afford to spend an exorbinant amount of time, money and resources, coming up with their ideal revenue business model?

It becomes more mission-critical than ever to minimize expenses dedicated towards IT initiatives, and the seemingly interminable changes, enhancements and scope creep elements associated with them.

Without the large IT budgets that are at the disposal of many big corporations, it’s imperative for SMB’s to root out the most cost effective, reliable, quality IT resources as efficiently as possible.
This is where the online outsourcing service provider networks will prove their weight in gold. The best, value-driven, content-rich networks that rise and prove to be the cream-of-the-crop, will surely command subscription fees, as true business-savvy consumers will gladly, albeit begrudgingly, put money into the tip jar to ensure providing themselves with the best possible IT solutions and resources….because after all, they know….nothing in life is free.


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