The New Global Brain: Find & Direct Brainpower

In an article published in Newsweek, Work The New Digital Sweatshops, Jonathan Zittrain talks about how the Internet is revolutionizing tasking by aggregating global resources, termed “crowdsourcing”, similar to how aggregated computing power speeds the engines of technology companies ability to process millions of search requests every minute.

In the latter, the computers dont have emotions, rights, or shed a tear when called into action at 3AM after cranking out search results for the last 1,345 days.  The ethical dilemma, Zittain purports, is when you seemingly take advantage of a hungry resource halfway around the world to execute mundane tasks like deal with a drunk, hungry sports fan ordering a pizza at halftime.

Frankly, I see it as supreme supply chain optimization, a zero-waste global economy, that will eventually create a certain global “synchronicity” where we all continue to quickly evolve technology through global teamwork and collaboration.  The mundane task of pizza order-taking may quickly evolve into chip design for our next-generation zero emission vehicles.  There is always distribution of labor, now today we have global connectivity enabling a more perfect distribution to the right resources with the right skills at exactly the right moment.


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