Social Networking: The Role of Meta-Networks

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, you name it – we have it.  Each of these are gigantic social entities, we can create networks within these entities.  For lack of a better phrase I call these meta-networks. I am sure the pundits have a better term for these.

Meta-networks have led to creation of sub-networks.  For example, in LinkedIn any one can create groups and sub-groups within groups.  Groups are either temporal or permanent in nature.  I call temporary groups social linkages.  A classic example of a social linkage was evidenced by the events in Iran which could easily have been suppressed without these meta-networks.  The viral effect of sub-networks and social linkages is phenomenal.  From the simple photo libraries on Picasa to the video libraries on YouTube to the custom enterprise networks on Twitter and Facebook, these meta-networks have created the opportunity to create content at will.  Will these meta-networks survive and become the mega enterprises of tomorrow or will they be gobbled by the existing enterprises? Just imagine if IBM purchased LinkedIn!


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