The Good News Just Got Better!

USourceIT has helped many IT companies get access to customers at extremely nominal costs of 10% per transaction. Now we are going to completely eliminate all fees.  This means our customers will gain full access to our provider database and seek out service providers directly!  Naturally, some of the customers may want us to be an intermediary handling contracting, payment, and escrow services for a nominal fee of 5%, however, we are leaving that option to the buyers.  Effective October 1, 2011 all new transactions will use this no-fees model.  The new model eliminates transaction costs.

An important aspect of this change is to open the service provider network.   Only general capabilities will be shared: Financial and other confidential information will not be shared.   Using a open and friction free B2B model (no transaction costs), customers and service providers will save money and time.  Tools will be provided at no cost for service providers to assess their chances of success, and customers will be provided tools, again at no cost, to evaluate bids.

I am excited to make these changes to help foster your growth.  Your feedback and suggestions are most welcome.


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